Momofuku Ko
Location New York, NY
Star Rating

Michelin star rating bugMichelin star rating bug

Chef David Chang
 Momofuku Ko is a two star restaurant in New York City, it is part of the award-winning restaurants owned by Chef-Founder David Chang. Momofuku ko is the smallest of the Momofuku restaurants. In addition, Ko only seats approximately 4 diners and the tasting menu consist of handpicked selections devised by the chef. Although the restaurant is tiny, it has uphold two Michelin stars for 6 years and selected as #93 on the san pellegrino world’s best restaurants list.

Momofuku Ko's lunch tasting menu is served on fridays, saturdays and sundays and is currently $175 per person, they set aside a 3 hour duration for the lunch menu.

Momofuku Ko's dinner tasting menu is served seven days a week and is currently $125 per person, they set aside a 2 hour duration for the dinner menu.


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